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windows 8 complatible Windows 8 Compatible
Gdata Antivirus Viren Behavioral verification to protect against unknown viruses
Gdata Anti Spam Updates Updates that performed every hour and block new threats
Gdata Bank Guard-Technologie BankGuard for banking and Safe Shopping
Gdata AutostartManager Quick Start from the first day with Autostartmanager
Gdata Safe Joueurs Recommended by players: optimal protection without loss of performance
Gdata Support Service Center Support Center
Gdata Mobile Android Smartphone G Data Antivirus Free for Android protects your mobile device from viruses attacks
Gdata Ressourcenschonend Resource efficiency with fingerprinting, Scan Discreet and active hybrid protection
Gdata Cloud The real-time cloud analysis protects against false positives
Gdata Close Gap Active hybrid protection with Close Gap technology
Gdata Cloud Protection against piracy: the silent firewall protects you without asking questions
Gdata Close Gap Immediate navigation protection: G Data Web Cloud blocks dangerous sites

Gdata Cloud Parental Control allows your children to surf internet safely.

Gdata Cloud Management of rights of use for removable media (USB, CD / DVD) for a better control of PC security
Gdata Close Gap System setting for a fast PC
Gdata Close Gap The backup tool stores your personal data
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